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Principal Investigators and Staff with genuine research interest

The principal investigators and research staff at Randomize Now are experienced practitioners and professionals that bring a wealth of knowledge from their specialty areas. As private practice owners, our investigators understand the critical need to increase diversity in research populations and are on a mission to make Randomize Now a global leader in diverse trials.

Principle Investigators

Patricia Marsh, MD

Medical Director

As medical director of Wingard Urgent Care, Dr. Bennett services over 14,000 patients in Peachtree City, Georgia. Dr. Bennett strives to provide current and effective treatment to all patients but recognises the specific challenges minority patients face. Dr. Bennett understands the urgent need to increase minority enrolment in clinical research so he proudly serves as a Principal Investigator in General Medicine for the research center. 

Lovie Negrin, DNP, APRN

Director of Research

Dr. Lovie has led some of the nation’s most innovative and impactful studies since 2013. Her research experience was founded within emergency medicine initiatives pertaining to septic shock, spinal cord injury, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. She has dedicated her career to ensuring inclusiveness in subject populations by displaying cultural competency and compassion.  She thrives to increase the number of blacks in clinical research.







Research Team

Kadera Lymon, MPH

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Frelaisha Cotton, MPH