Bridging the cultural diversity gap in research populations


COVID trial is closed to enrollment but we will notify our community of upcoming COVID trials.

Our Mission


Randomize Now’s mission is to increase clinical research participation within the black community by educating, ensuring accessibility, and displaying cultural competency.


Clinical Trial Promotion

We utilize traditional and modern platforms to educate the community on active trials and participation requirements.


Minority Inclusion

We are cognizant of clinical research concerns across cultures so we address volunteers with compassion .


Sponsor Collab Experts

We comply with ethical and legal regulations to ensure high yield and quality results for our sponsors and CROs.


Randomize Now is working to contribute meaningful information to healthcare so that patients from all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds have access to relevant medical treatments and interventions. This starts with clinical trial participants reflecting patient populations … Supporting our mission to ensure everyone is #Accounted4NOW


Active Clinical Trials in US


% black participants at Randomize Now


% black participants nationally 


Active Clinical Trials

Colorectal Cancer Screening Study

Due for a colonoscopy? Help researchers develop non-invasive cancer testing methods using a simple blood draw. Compensation up to $250. 

We are looking for participants for a research study that explores the possibility of a non-invasive method of detecting colorectal cancer through a blood test. Your participation could change how colorectal cancer is detected in the future.

1.After you Take the survey, you’ll receive a call from our study coordinator to confirm your eligibility.

2. Give a Blood Sample. A phlebotomist will come to your home to take the 1-time blood draw.

3. Complete your previously scheduled colonoscopy with a provider of your choice no more than 90 from blood collection and then you receive compensation for completion.

Compensation: up to $250.

Has COVID-19 disrupted your life?

Over 43 million people in the USA have tested positive for COVID-19. However careful we are, more people receive a positive test result every day. That’s why, despite the development of vaccines, we need to keep researching treatment options for people with COVID-19.

This research study may be an option for people who:

1. Are aged between 18 and 55 years old, inclusive

2. Have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 4 days

3. Have mild symptoms or no symptoms

Compensation: up to $700.


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We are following Covid-19 protocol in our clinic.